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Haemostasis, Sealing and Blood Conservation: Perioperative blood management is a major challenge facing the NHS. The consequences are far reaching for patients and hospitals alike. BioSurgery are proud to offer a portfolio of Haemostasis & Sealing products to help surgeons meet this challenge head on.

Tissue Plane Sealing: To surgically close tissue planes whilst avoiding seroma and haematoma formation is a particular challenge using conventional techniques alone. BioSurgery offers a slow-setting fibrin sealant which can be used as an adjunct during reconstructive procedures such as skin grafting, abdominoplasty and breast reconstruction.

Tissue Reconstruction: A range of biologic meshes are available from BioSurgery to support surgical tissue reconstruction in ventral hernia, breast, neuro and vascular surgery.

Active Bone Regeneration: BioSurgery offers osteostimulative and osteoinductive synthetic bone graft substitutes aimed at improving the quality and increasing the speed at which bone formation occurs following spinal fusion.

Hernia Mesh Fixation: BioSurgery offers a fibrin sealant which provides the patient and surgeon with an ‘atraumatic’ alternative to mechanical mesh fixation.

Adhesion Prevention: Postoperative adhesions can be problematic for the patient and surgeon. Lysis of adhesions is often time-consuming and incurs costs. BioSurgery offers a choice of site-specific and general adhesion reduction therapies for the surgeon to use.

Cerebrospinal Fluid Preservation: Preventing CSF leakage can be a major concern in both cranial and spinal surgery. The BioSurgery portfolio includes a dural sealant and dural membrane replacement options to meet this surgical challenge.

Aerostasis: Patients undergoing thoracic surgery can develop intraoperative air leaks which can have adverse consequences. BioSurgery provides a synthetic surgical sealant & a collagen reinforcement to staple lines which both allow the surgeon to seal lung tissue.