Renal & Blood Purification Therapies

Baxter offers a variety of products for patients with kidney disease as their clinical lifestyle needs evolve. We also provide adjunctive therapies, where purification of the blood is key to successful clinical outcomes.

Haemodialysis Products

The information contained in this page is intended for UK healthcare professionals only.

Baxter’s haemodialysis products are used to treat chronic kidney disease either in-centre or at home. Our products include dialysis systems, dialysers, fluids and ancillaries.


Artis Physio
Photograph of Artis Physio

Artis Physio is a hospital based dialysis monitor which can offer a complete range of haemodialysis therapies.

Photograph of AK98

The AK 98 is an easy to use dialysis monitor which can be used within a dialysis centre, self-care facility or by patients in their own homes.

Baxter Dialyser Portfolio
Photograph of dialysers

Baxter offers a wide range of both low flux and high flux dialyers. The breadth of Baxter’s dialyser portfolio can enable patients to have their dialysis prescription tailored to their exact needs. The Baxter Dialyser portfolio includes, Revalcear, Polyflux, Evodial, Nephral and Theralite.

Dialysate Concentrates and Cartridges
Photograph of Baxter Concentrates

Baxter has a comprehensive portfolio of concentrates and solutions designed to tailor treatments to individual patient needs.

Baxter Bloodline and Blood Access
Photo of Needles

Baxter provides a comprehensive range of sets, catheters and needles designed to meet individual hospital and patient needs.

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