Baxter Proud

Employees in the UK and Ireland share their perspectives on LGBTQ+ Equality at Baxter

Adam“I’m very proud of the hard work we’ve done through our Baxter Equality Network business resource group, which has led to Baxter being named a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality for so many years. For me, I feel safe knowing that being gay won’t affect the way I’m treated at work. Unfortunately, it’s never a given that LGBTQ+ individuals will be fully accepted by their employer and co-workers, but at Baxter, I always feel accepted, heard, and appreciated.”

Adam Sangster, Manager, HPN Therapy & PRIDE Co-Lead for UK and Ireland


Amy“Being a young LGBTQ employee with the fire to create change, it was only natural for me to join PRIDE (Baxter’s employee resource group). Through Baxter’s acquisition of Hillrom, I had to say goodbye to being Chair of Hillrom’s Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Council in the UK and Ireland and hello to all of the amazing new opportunities in Baxter. At the age of 17, I finished my A-Level’s and walked into the corporate world for the first time at Hillrom and my biggest worry was: what if they don’t accept me for my sexuality? In reality, this was the least of my worries! Less than 6 months later, I became chair of the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Council and was making the educational changes we needed to start with. The world of inclusion was my oyster. I can’t wait to see what I can achieve now with Baxter!”

Amy Ball, Sales Enablement Representative, UK and Ireland

Mary“Celebrating Pride in the workplace is so important to make everybody feel welcome regardless of their personal preferences. When people feel accepted, you have a more productive, motivated, and successful workplace. I joined our PRIDE chapter to represent our Castlebar & Swinford manufacturing sites in Ireland, to help promote and reinforce our commitment to inclusion and diversity across both sites.”


Mary Kivlehan, HR Specialist Learning & Development, Ireland

Ciara“Pride month is always an important part of my family life as we feel it so important to offer allyship to our many LGBTQI+ friends – this is a ‘vintage’ picture of my daughter and I from the first-ever Pride march parade in our home city 15 years ago! The Pride flag flying at Baxter shows people who work and visit us that we celebrate LGBTQI+ people and their families. It is so important that people can be their complete and whole selves at work because being at work is not just about the task in hand – it is about the relationships we have with each other.”

Ciara Conway, Manager of Market Access, Ireland