TISSEEL for Surgical Care

TISSEEL for Surgical Care

The information contained in this page is intended for UK healthcare professionals only.

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TISSEEL is a fibrin sealant for use as an adjunct to haemostasis.

TISSEEL can be used as a supportive treatment where standard surgical techniques are insufficient1:

- for improvement of haemostasis

- as a tissue glue to promote adhesion/sealing, or as suture support: in gastrointestinal anastomoses or in neurosurgery where contact with cerebro-spinal fluid or dura mater may occur

- For mesh fixation in hernia repair, as an alternative or adjunct to sutures or staples.

As a leader in haemostasis, we are committed to providing innovative solutions for surgeons. TISSEEL is effective across surgical specialties2,3 and is for adjunctive haemostasis across a wide range of surgical specialties to:

  • Control bleeding in heparinised patients2 
  • Control bleeding in patients medicated with antiplatelet drugs 2
  • Can be used on friable tissue 2

Do not use TISSEEL for treatment of severe or brisk arterial bleeding1

For safe and proper use of TISSEEL please refer to the appropriate Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC).

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