​Baxter’s BioPharma Solutions Business

​Baxter’s BioPharma Solutions Business

Whether you face formulation challenges, clinical-supply hurdles, limited manufacturing capability or capacity, surges in demand due to market fluctuations, risk-mitigation concerns or patent-expiry challenges, we offer versatile, tailored solutions to help you achieve your commercialisation objectives.

Our Capabilities & Services

  • Form/fill/finish of sterile injectables
  • Clinical to commercial-scale contract services for oncology products, including cytotoxic and highly potent molecules
  • Clinical to commercial-scale syringe, cartridge and vial filling
  • Formulation and development services for solutions, suspensions and lyophilized dosage forms
  • Services and solutions for lifecycle management including enhanced parenteral delivery systems such as flexible IV containers, prefilled syringes, and cartridges.
  • Parenteral scientific expertise spanning virtually all drug categories, including small molecules, biologics, vaccines, cytotoxics, highly potent compounds, and antibody-drug conjugates

Tailored Solutions

  • Over 85 years of parenteral manufacturing expertise
  • Capabilities such as redundant filling lines to accommodate surges in demand, quickly reacting to market fluctuations
  • Customized support services, including formulation development, optimization of lyophilization cycle times, and improving stability for complex injectables
  • Improving production yield and minimizing the loss of API during production processes
  • Proprietary technologies for market differentiation and lifecycle management
  • Experience with worldwide regulatory agencies