Putting Theory into Practice : A Practical Guide to embedding Value Based Procurement into the NHS

We work at the critical intersection where innovations that save and sustain lives meet the physicians, nurses and pharmacists who make it happen.

Value based procurement (VBP) has the potential to support innovation and transform the NHS. It is a concept that has been widely discussed for many years as a way of delivering better patient outcomes, stronger partnerships with suppliers and tangible savings.

At Baxter we recognise the need to develop long term partnerships that go beyond the traditional procurement of product, looking more at improving clinical outcomes and reducing waste along the continuum of care.

Many people have an interest in value based procurement but are not sure where to start. This is why we have produced this paper to share our learnings and experience of embedding VBP and challenging some of the perceptions we and others have faced along the way.

The guide has been informed through views of experts in procurement from national and local NHS bodies as well as Baxter’s own experiences of working in partnership with the NHS over many years. It is available here.