Taking ACTion to Advance Racial Justice

One year later, we asked employees to share their thoughts and experiences following George Floyd’s death.

Mr. Floyd’s death sparked a powerful movement to create change in the United States and around the world. While inclusion has always been a priority at Baxter, our leadership team felt strongly about taking immediate action following this tragedy by establishing ACT: Activating Change Today. Managed in partnership with Baxter's Black Alliance employee Business Resource Group, ACT is a multi-year initiative grounded in the belief that together, we can do more to advance racial justice within the workplace and the communities and markets we serve. 

We invite you to hear from several of our employees as they reflect on the importance of ACT: Activating Change Today.

Niyi Adewole

ACT is one of Baxter’s top business priorities. We’ve structured the program with goals, metrics, leadership accountability and global engagement in the same way we do with other business priorities. We have pulled in a diverse and passionate team to figure this out.

Niyi Adelwole, Integrated Delivery Network manager and BBA co-president

Trina Coleman

No one race is any more important than the other. All people should be treated equally, and the color of our skin does not define our character or the talents that we possess.

Trina Coleman, customer service specialist

Richard Williams

My dream and desire is that ACT is not just an initiative that we do right now, but it's something that becomes a part of Baxter’s cultural identity and our DNA.

Richard Williams, key account manager

Donna Ciccarelli

I believe if we're going to change this world, we can do it one person at a time.

Donna Ciccarelli, buyer/planner

Jessica Adams

It’s important, as colleagues, for us to continue to create spaces for one another. Continue to be a listening ear, and if possible, try to understand perspectives outside of your own background. I think with a focus in these areas we will continue to see us move in the right direction.

Jessica Adams, quality manager

Kevin Clark

My commitment is my voice – not to speak for others, but to speak with others, and help amplify other voices. I can wear this shirt out in my community and be proud that I work for a company that uses its voice to speak up and speak out, and commits to make this world a better place.

Kevin Clark, human resources talent management, senior manager

Spencer Lane

If we are going to be successful in racial justice and equality, we have to move forward with an unvarnished truth and with an unimpeached intolerance of intolerance.

Spencer Lane, senior principal engineer

Hiranda Donoghue

I think it will take some time to see meaningful results, which is why we must not lose our momentum. Baxter is committed to this work for the long haul.

Hiranda Donoghue, deputy general counsel and BBA co-president