Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

As an organisation that employs over 250 employees in the UK we are required to report annually on our gender pay gap.

This enables organisations to show the difference in average earnings between men and women in the UK and is calculated across all jobs at all levels.

At Baxter, we believe in an inclusive culture and that a diverse workforce can drive innovation, create trusted partnerships with customers, suppliers and community partners, and can contribute to the success and sustainability of our company. We are committed to providing opportunities for all employees, and recognise that every individual’s unique background and experience contributes to a successful organisation. To that end Baxter welcomes this new legislation.

Our mean gender pay gap is 1.9% . This is smaller than 2020 when we reported two sets of figures- 5.4% with the COVID allowance, and 4.2% without the COVID allowance- and continues the downward trend. Our gender pay gap continues to be significantly smaller than the national average of around 15.4% for the same period. 

For more information,  please read our latest report.

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